Novelty & Unique Features

SpinCare™ Addresses Every Aspect of Wound Care

  • No pre-planning - SpinCare™ creates dressings that fit any wound size and body contour.
  • No-contact applied with excellent adherence to wound - SpinCare™ dressing adheres to all body surfaces.
  • Excellent tissue regeneration by mimicking natural body healing - SpinCare™ produces a highly porous nano-fibrous temporary skin-like dressing.
  • Transparent dressing allows real-time assessment - SpinCare™ enables continuous healing assessment through the transparent dressing.
  • No dressing replacement - SpinCare™ enables wound healing without dressing changes.
  • Automatic peeling when healing is completed - SpinCare™ dressing automatically peels off from epithelialized areas.

Nano-Fibrous Dressing Characteristics

  • Hemostasis: Induces hemostasis due to nano-fibrous structure and highly effective surface area.
  • Semi-permeability: Facilitates cell respiration, oxygen permeation and moisture
    level due to its porous structure.
  • Conformability: Conforms to all wound and body contours, providing better
    coverage and easy handling of wound dressing.
  • Multi-functionality: Bio-stable or bio-degradable, natural or synthetic dressing types,
    incorporating therapeutic compounds such as drugs, nano-particles, growth-factors, etc.
  • Bacterial protection: Nano-fibrous, multi-layers and interconnected nano-porosity
    protect against microbial penetration
  • Scar-free: Nano-fibrous structure provides good cell conductivity, facilitating
    wound healing and skin regeneration
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