Product Description

Customized and Immediate Dressing in all Clinical Settings


SpinCare™ is the first and only system that integrates electrospinning technology into a portable, bedside device, offering immediate wound care treatment. The device creates customized nano-fibrous dressing based on patient's wound condition. The dressing produced in situ is fine-tunable to surface, shape, thickness, skin site and area to be covered. It is applied from a short distance, eliminating contact between the caregiver and the wound, thus reducing the potential of infection.  

The SpinCare™ System includes a hand-held device and a sterile pre-filled SpinKit™ solution syringe 

Operating the SpinCare™ device with the SpinKit™ solution creates in real-time, a personalized skin-like dressing. The dressing remains on the wound until the skin underneath is fully epithelialized.  

Advanced technology promotes natural healing

SpinCare™ is based on Nicast proprietary electrospinning technology, embedded in a portable, light-weight, bedside wound care device. Electrospinning technology uses electrostatic forces to create a matrix of nano-fibers, forming a multi-layer porous dressing that mimics the structure of the extracellular body tissue (ECM). The structure of the nano-fibrous porous dressing is an excellent and exceptional medium for tissue integration and repair, healing promotion and reduction of potential infection risks.






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