Our technology can be applied to create many products including coated medical devices, tissue engineering scaffolds, wound dressing, drug eluting devices and filtration media.


We supply custom tailored products and our work includes design, manufacturing, sterilizations and mechanical evaluations.

In case of bare-metal stents (BMS), our capabilities include:

  • Various stent shapes: tubular, contoured
  • Dual side coating to a thickness from few microns to 1 mm
  • Selection from over 100 polymers, both synthetic and natural, for coating
  • Abilities to control the porosity of the fibrous mat coating from 0% (film coating) to 90%
  • Incorporation of active ingredients

AAA stent

Conical stent segment

Coronary stent at various coating thicknesses

Heart valve stent


Stent graft

Coronary stent 

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